Steel Tube Construction
The legs are made of 1 1/2" square steel tubing, making the interior scaffold strong and sturdy.

Powder Coat Paint Finish
A powdered pigment is sprayed onto the steel, and seals the finish by baking in heat generated ovens. The end result is a rust resistant scaffold product.

29" width allows the scaffolding to fit through standard doors.

152 lbs.


Aluminum Construction
The entire scaffold is made from aluminum, making this interior scaffold one of the lightest on the market.

The aluminum interior scaffold is dimensionally identical to our steel interior scaffold.

95 lbs.

Guard Rail System
Designed to stay at the platform level at all times. Easy to install as the posts and side rails are one piece and end rails allow easy opening for access to the platform. Federal OSHA requires guard rails on platforms 10' or higher

2" Platform Height Adjustment
With a convenient locking system, which allows for quick and easy height adjustment. Trusses can be adjusted to straddle over lower obstacles. Adjusts between 18" and almost 6 feet.

5" Swivel Double Locking Casters
Having a 220 lbs. capacity rating with rear foot brake, locking both the swivel and wheel.

Outriggers with casters
Increases the width of the base tower to prevent tipping, and allows the tower to reach 12' maximum platform height. Four outriggers are required.

All photos and drawings are for illustration only, follow all applicable ANSI and OSHA codes and regulations for the use of these products.
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